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We are partly funded to provide free legal services for limited abilities parents. All our services are available with just one monthly subscription towards the charity’s costs, £10 pm for parents claiming benefits or £20 pm Please let us know if this is a problem  :  07773722767

  01677450319 : 08001701444


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A few questions we must ask everyone at this stage:

1. Which Local Authority are you under?

2. Do you have a solicitor working for you now?

3. Do you have a copy of the Court Order (Please do not send anything)

4. Do you have copy of the Social Services report (again, please do not send anything)

5. Are there any accusations on the Social Services report that you do not agree with?

6. Has anyone ever challenged your abilities to look after your children?

7. Were your taking prescribed medications when Social Services intervened?

8. Do you or anyone close to your children have an addiction or a serious conviction?

9. Is there any valid evidence against you or anyone close to the family?