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 We deal very severely with people who report abuse 

Girl Born:  2002   Bradford

Family Court Judge in Bradford said he deals very severely with people who report abuse. When I presented rock solid evidence of brutal sexual abuse perpetrated by her 'step dad' and the maternal boyfriends All traces of the court case vanished within weeks "Despite our best efforts, we can find no trace of these Court Cases" - Lady Justice Black at the Crown Court

  Lies and corruption threw my daughter into West Yorkshire's pool of vulnerable children  

Girl Born:  2002   Bradford

Her Maternal family were, by admission incestuous. At age four, she disclosed sexual assaults from the mother's family, a couple of incidents caught on video. I reported all this this to the Head of her Catholic School. A few months later the mother and maternal sister fractured my daughter's skull. The mother evicted me 2009 and I never saw my daughter again. The ex-husband moved in and damaged my daughter's internal organs. From 2010, The school contacted Social Services and Police who conspired to destroy a Paediatric Report exposing three skull injuries and brutal sexual assaults. They broadcast to all State services that I was the perpetrator